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Group Deep Dive into Peace and Spiritual Freedom

The Greatest Knowing

There is a knowing available to all of us that has the greatest impact on our experience of life. This group will be a deep dive into that knowing. It makes no difference what you are up to in the world, whether you are a business owner, an athlete, a coach, a parent, a friend, or any other of the possible available labels we carry, this knowing will have a profound impact for good for you and those around you.


Who am I? The shortest bio I can share is that I am someone who has been given the gift of knowing the difference between Who I Am and who I thought I was. This gift of knowing changed my experience of life from one of suffering to one of peace. I now have the label in life of being a Coach who serves others by helping them experience this knowing.


Over the course of the last 4 ½ years, I have seen a great number of lives changed through the sharing of this knowing and how I came to know it. This group will be a fun, interactive, musical, story-filled, philosophical, and primarily spiritual deep dive into this understanding and seeing how powerfully this knowing can and will impact your experience of life. No challenge is outside the possibility of change. 


Dates: Tuesdays at 11am MST (US) 

September 27-December 20 with additional session in late January

All sessions will be recorded and made available

Special Guest Presenter Steve Chandler

If you have interest or questions, please reach out for a conversation through the Contact Me section on the Homepage

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